Darkroom Projects

︎ Experimentation

A collection of alternative process work using solarization / chromoskedasic sabattier in the darkroom. 

︎ Sister, Sister  

A series exploring sisterhood and power dynamics between identical twins. 

Gelatin Silver Print, 2019

︎  Lay Me Down

A series inspired by an Irish artist Roisin White, who extensively researched the history of mistreatment of women in medical institutions. As we all know, women’s voices have been systematically disregarded in almost all forms. Back in the early 1900s, a popular cure prescribed to women called the Rest Cure was used to remedy depression and “nervousness”. This meant women were to be isolated for up to 6 months with no activity. There was little care and effort to perceive female pain and the female body. I explored self-portraiture for the first time, a vulnerable and intimate moment with the camera.

Gelatin Silver Prints, 2019

︎  Childhood

This series explored childhood by making my subjects dress in a manner that would represent themselves in their ideal female adult form along with an intimate object that closely holds sentimental value.

Scanned and developed 35mm film (2019).