El Sueño Que Reside En Mi - Senior Exhibition 

March 25 - March 30 2022 

El Sueño Que Reside En Mi (The Dream That Resides in Me) is a series based on the diasporic connection between Bolivian identity and territory. In this series, I am visually wrapped around notions of time- using family albums, camcorder screenshots, and recent photographs. Displacement often becomes reconstructed history, almost like unofficial recollections; it becomes reimagined nostalgically. Using alternative processes, these forged memories allow me to sit with the absence of family and geographical connection.

  1. El sueño que reside en mi, 24x36  Mordançage print
  2. Potosí, 2020, - 12x18 Mordançage print
  3. Cotoca, 2020 - 16x20 salt print
  4. Abuelito - 16x20 salt print
  5. Where the Past Lies - 16x20 Salt print -
  6. Farewell - 16x20 salt print
  7. Abuelita - 16x20 salt print
  8. Matriarca - 12x18 Mordançage print
  9. Home within a Home - 12x18  Mordançage print


October 5 2021 - January 28 2022

COSO* 2021 brings together 21 artists from across the American Southeast. As one of VAE’s longest running exhibitions and popular recurring projects, COSO has continued to bring contemporary Southern artists together, highlighting what artists and makers in the regional South are currently thinking, discussing, and making work about.