Pronto Será Fugaz

The link above sends you to a digital archival space for this project. The title translates to Soon To Be Fleeting. The photographs are an array of analogue film + digital camcorder stills of moments in time when I visited my home-country after almost a decade. I try to represent a relationship between these two mediums to explore how each image holds resolution. The book is a personal piece to hold delicate and meaningful moments in land I continue to try to connect to despite being apart from it. I was in places I vaguely remembered and tried make sense of it all with these two similar mediums.

The web-based version of the photobook is linked with my artist statement, an ongoing video loop, a section of scattered cam-corder stills and when you hover, it fades away like a memory. Each time you reload the page, you get a different array of stills.

If you are interested in purchasing the book or prints, links to buy are below: 
︎ Blurb - Photobook Purchase
︎ Darkroom.Tech - Prints available 
︎ Inprnt - Prints available